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Make a Carbon Atom
How Big is an Atom?
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Microwave Ovens
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Ionic Bonds
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Khan Academy: Dipole Moments
Intermolecular Forces
Ionic Bonds or Ionic Bonds Only
Covalent Bonds or Covalent Bonds Only
Intermolecular Forces
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Practice Balancing Equations
Balancing Chemical Equations Quiz
See things blow up
Got Water?
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Rutger's Physics Teaching Technology Resource
MIT: Walter Lewin Physics I Video Lectures
MIT: Walter Lewin Physics II Video Lectures
Hippocampus General Physics I Interactive Lessons
Hippocampus General Physics II Interactive Lessons
Advanced Placement Physics C Interactive Lessons
Hippocampus AP Physics I C Interactive Lessons
Hippocampus AP Physics II C Interactive Lessons
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Teacher Resource Web Sites:
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November 22 & November 23 FACE-To-FACE Parent Conferences